Success Built to Last

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The Research

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An extraordinary team of researchers were involved with the development of Success Built to Last. We’ve included just the leadership group here, including Howard Moskowitz (Ph.D., Harvard); Yoram Wind (Ph.D, Stanford); Bonita Thompson (MBA, UC Berkeley); Jerry Porras (Ph.D., UCLA); Mark Thompson (MA, Stanford).

Bonita Thompson
Bonita Thompson
Director of Research
Howard Moskowitz
Howard Moskowitz
Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc.
Yoram Wind
Prof. Yoram Wind
The Wharton School

Chris Pomponi, Rachel Katz and Alex Gofman
Pictured in the photo (from left to right) is Chris Pomponi, Rachel Katz, and Alex Gofman.

We would also like to thank Charles Loesch, Director of Research at FiSite Research, Barbara Itty, Rachel Katz, Chris Pomponi, and Alex Gofman of the i-Novation division of Moskowitz Jacobs.